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100Lt Foam Trolley

100Lt Water Trolley

3M 1110 Foam Ear plug with Cord

3M 3200 half face respirator with filter retainer

3M 6200 half face Double Cartridge

3M 6200 half face Double Cartridge 2091 Dust

3M 6200 Halfface Double cartridge

3M 6800 full face double cartridge respirator

3M 8210 N95 Dust Respirator

3M 8246 NR95 nuisance level AG

3M 8247 NR95 nuisance level AG

3M 9004 N95 dust respirator

3M H10P3E Ear Muff

3M H8A Face Visor – Green

3M Half Face Respiratory

3M Peltor H10A Ear Muff

3M Safety Helmet with Ratchet Adjestment

3M V-Flex Dust Respirator

3M White Safety Helmet with Ratchet

3M Yellow Safety Helmet with pin lock

ABC Powder 1Kg-50 Kg

Aluminized Gloves

Alumized Apron

Black Neoprene Gloves

Cable welding lanyard

Carbon Dioxide 2Kg-25Kg

Carbon Dioxide...

Chemical Resistance Nitrile elbow Glove

Chemical Resistance Nitrile Glove

Chemical resistant apron

Cloth Apron

Cooton Gloves

Cooton Rubber Dot Gloves

Cutting Goggle

Delivery Hose

Disposable Overall

Disposable Shoe Cover

Disposal Net Cap

DPL Electrician Gloves

EAR 1250 Foam Ear Plugs

Ear Plug Bottle

Ear plug dispenser unit only

Ear Plug with Box

Energy absorb Double Rope lanyard

Energy absorb Rope lanyard




Eye Wash

Face Visor – Clear

Fire Signs




Foam (9 Liters)

Foam Carts

Full Body harness

General Purpose Overall

H700 Yellow Safety Helmet

Heat Detector

Helmet attachment face visor with bracket


Hose Reel Hose


Inline Inductors

Lab Coats – White

LAether Apron

Landing Valve

Latex Examination Gloves

Leather Gloves Elbow Length

Microchem 3000

Microchem 4000

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Nitrile Fully Coted Gloves

Normal Rope Lanyard

Optional Respiratory Cartridges

Panel Boards

Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash

Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash & Shower

Polythene Apron

PVC Apron

PVC Gloves Wrist Length

PVC Safety Boots with Steel Toe

PVC Safety Boots with Steel Toe&plate

Reusable Ear plug with cord – 1270

Reuse Ear Plug

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves Shoulder Length

Safety shoe with steel toe & mild plate

Safety Shoe with steel toe & mild Plate low

Safety shoe with steel toe & mild plate withou lace

Safety spectacle clear

Safety spectacle dark

Safety Splash Goggle

Seamless Knitted Rubbe Coted

Smoke Detectors


Twin Lanyard

Water (9 Liters)

Welding Face visor

Welding Hand Shield

Welding Leather Gloves

Welding Visor Helmet Attachment

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